4 – 8 PAX

Borneo, a giant, rugged island in Southeast Asia’s Malay Archipelago, is shared by the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak, Indonesian Kalimantan and the tiny nation of Brunei.

It’s known for its beaches and ancient, biodiverse rainforest, home to wildlife including orangutans and clouded leopards. In Sabah is 4,095m-tall Mount Kinabalu, the island’s highest peak, and, offshore, the famed dive site Sipadan Island.

Our 12 day itinerary will start off landing in Kuala Lumpur for the first night. After acclimisation and a transfer, we will get to Sepilok. The Rainforest Discovery and spend the day on the canopy walk, where you can see red giant flying squirrels. A night walk is available to search for tarsiers, slow loris, civets, amphibians and insects. Off to Kinabatangan, where the birdlife, insects and animals are plentiful. We will visit the Gomantong Caves and explore the Kinabatangan River for a full day. We can visit the Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center and Sun Bear Center for close up encounters. The Labuk Bay are hosts to the Proboscis Monkeys, found only in coastal swamps close to rivers in certain areas of Borneo.

After Sepilok, we will transfer to Kinabalu Park where we will stay at the stunning Sutera Lodges. Kota Kinabalu is home to Mount Kinabalu, one of the largest mountains in this region. A few days here with the majestic mountain in view, plenty bird walks and bird life.

Destination 1 SEPILOK – The best Rain Forest canopy Walkways in the world. Amazing tree-top views and incredibly rare species to be found here amongst the chance of getting Orangutang’s. One can walk wherever one wants in the RainForest Discovery centre and apart from the high Tree-top walkways and Towers to relax and bird in, one can immerse oneself in the forest walks and try and locate many rare Pitta, Bulbuls, Kingfishers.

Destination 2 SUTERA SANCTUARY LODGES – The most amazing Destination that is the highest point between Australia and the Himalayas with amazing orchids and birds. Akin to a Cloud Forest in Central America’s and a welcoming cold retreat from the previous lowland Rain Forests. A bewildering array of biodiversity exists in this high level Montane Forested Park.