4-8 PAX

In Central Southern Africa Zambia is the strong hold for ‘Miombo’ Woodlands that are dominated by a huge mix of leguminous trees. It is a very unique forest type that houses habitat specific fauna and flora. Amongst the miombo woodlands are permanent complex wet grasslands called ‘dambos’ which are very important for the ecosystem as they are the natural seeps and sponges, they too are rich in habitat specific species.

Start of the safari is spent at the Ibis Gardens and for 2 nights, brilliant birding along the way through the farmlands. Species to look out for are Borad-tailed whydah, Orange-winged Pytilia, Miombo Blue-eared starling and Schalow’s Turaco.

On day 3 we will drive to the North Swaka Forest Reserv, which borders the DRC. The protected area of the reserve is about 100,000 hectares. It is made up of large tracts in pristine Miombo woodlands, grassy dambos and thick armpits of Mushitu forest.

The camp is located near the bank of a small stream which boasts stunning riparian vegetation. We will explore a large patch of Mushitu forest where we will be looking for White-tailed blue flycatcher and green headed sunbird, as well as western violet-backed sunbirds, the Red-capped Crombec and Bar-winged Weaver.

We will drive to a location in the Lunsemfwa River where we will be primarily looking for Bohm’s bee-eater, Yellow-throated Leaflove and Little Greenbul. There are very good populations of Red-chested Flufftail’s in the moist grass on the edges of the dambos.

As well as the bird life, there is alot of wildlife in this reserve and sights of bigger wildlife such as lion and hippos can be sighted.